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Five Essential Elements of Reading

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Phonemic Awareness

Phonics Instruction

Fluency Instruction

Vocabulary Instruction

Comprehension Assessment

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is the ability to notice, think about, and work with the discrete sounds in

spoken words. Phonemic awareness training involves helping children recognize, isolate, and

manipulate phonemes, sometimes in connection with letters.



Sounds Fun

Letters to Big Bird

Phonemic Awareness Worksheets

Fuzzy Lion Ears Game

Jim's Whirlyword Machine

Starfall - Make a Word - Long U

Make a Word: Long-I

Make a Word: Long-E

Make a Word: Silent-E

Make A Word - "in"

Make A Word - "og"

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Concentration Activity

Literature for Literacy Home Page

Hand Gestures for Phonemes

Phonological Awareness: The Sound of ''m''

First Letters : Promethean Planet

First Letters #2 : Promethean Planet

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Sound Match Activity

Between the Lions Videos


Make Time to Rhyme

Phoneme Pop

Listen Up - ppt


Phonics Instruction


Phonics instruction involves teaching children the relationships between letters and individual sounds (phonemes), and teaching them that there are systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken words.


ABC Activities


Letter Match

ABC Game

Alphabet Bears

Kangaroo Confusion

ABCD Watermelon

Puppy Letters

A to Z Highway Game

Alphabet Flash Cards

ABC Match

Undersea ABC's

Alphabet Soup

Look Out Below!

Starfall - ABC's

Phonics and Reading Comprehensions



ABC Games

ABC- ppt

Alphabet - ppt



Initial/Final Consonant Sounds

Picture Match

Phoneme Pop

Phonic fighter4

Letter Sound Game

Letter Lifter

First Sounds Game

Phonics Name Game

Ladybird Lander - beginning, middle, ending

Sound Bingo

Word Wheel

Digby's Ending Sounds

Beginning Sounds - ppt

Beginning Sounds2 ppt

Consonant Blends  and Digraphs



See 'N Spell at PrimaryGames.com

Between the Lions Videos - sh

Final Digraphs

Beginning Digraphs

Consonant Blends

Cluster Buster

Blends/Digraphs - ppt

Blends - ppt




Long Vowels

Picture Match

See 'N Spell at PrimaryGames.com

Starfall - Learn to Read

Name the Picture

Long a sound

Long Vowel Videos

Long Vowels-ppt

Short Vowels


3 Letter House (CVC)

Picture Match

See 'N Spell at PrimaryGames.com

Make a Word - Clifford

Starfall - Learn to Read


Short Vowel Jeopardy-ppt




Vowel Digraphs/Irregular Vowels

See 'N Spell at PrimaryGames.com

Vowel Digraphs

R controlled vowels

R controlled #2


BBC - Words and Pictures - Phonics Year 2

Bossy r-ppt




Blending and Segmenting


Chunk That Word!


CVC Maker

Word Blender

Blending Steps - ppt

Phonics Review -ppt

Word Parts - ppt



Word Families

Starfall - Learn to Read

3 Letter House (CVC)


Word Family Sort

Word Wheel

Blending Bowl

Word Families-ppt

Word Families2-ppt


Pawpark - Sassy Seals

Digby's Rhyme Game

Rhyming Rocket

Rhyme Rodeo

Reggie the Rhyming Rhino

Words that Rhyme

Rhyme Time - PPT

Phonics Review

BBC - KS1 Bitesize Games - Literacy - Phonics

Between the Lions - Lots of Video Choices

Sadlier-Oxford :: Phonics Student Online Components



Fluency Instruction

Fluency is the ability to read a text quickly and accurately. Fluent readers recognize words automatically and group words as they read. Fluent oral reading sounds effortless and expressive.



Lesson Plans


Letter Sound Fluency

Sentence Scramblers

Letter Combination Activities

Online Read-alouds

RIF Reading Planet



Audio Stories for Older Kids

Storyline online

Interactive Story Books online

Tumblebooks -subscription

The Roly Mo Show - Stories

Preschool Library

Fun to read books

Between the Lions

Picture Book Videos

Stories and Rhymes

Riverdeep - Make a Story

Ziggity Zoom



Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary refers to the words we must know to communicate effectively, and applies to speaking, listening, reading, and writing.




Contractions - Dositey

Fly-by Contractions

We're Here!

Grade 2 - Language Arts

Contraction Games

Contraction Match

Treasure Trove

Contraction Practice

Spelling Catch- Contractions

Type the Contraction



Prefixes/Suffixes/Root Words

Prefixes Say Plenty

Building Prefixes Game

Prefix Catch

Prefix Millionaire

Roots and Prefix Match

Suffixes Say A lot


Comparative Suffixes

Suffixes - less, ness, ly, ful

Suffix Quiz

Suffix and Base Word Match

Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words

Short Circuit - Prefix/Suffix Game

Wordworks - Prefixes/Suffixes

Race to Ramses!

Antonyms and Synonyms

Ball Hogs - Antonyms


Antonym Jeopardy

Antonym Battleship

Antonym Hangman

Antonym Millionaire

Opposites Train Game

Land of Rocket to the Moon

Opposites Attract

Synonym Toast

Synonym Hangman

Synonym Challenge

Thesaurus Tangle

Synonym Match

Antonym, Synonym Jigsaw

Word Frog




Compound Words

Grade 2 - Language Arts

Compound Activity

Breaking Down Compound Words

Quia - Compound Words

Compound Activities  

Find the Pairs


Jigwords - Homonym Match\

BBC Homonym Match

Homophone Quiz

Homonym Pop-ups

Speedwords - Homonyms

Homonym Exercises

Studyzone - Homonyms

Sound the Same

Word Frog



Phone Home Homophones-ppt


Multiple Meaning Words

Jeopardy Game

Words with Multiple Meanings

Multiple Meaning Flashcards

Reading Skills Rocket

Multiple Meaning -ppt

High Frequency Words

Color Words-ppt

Pre-Primer #1 -zip file

Pre-Primer #2-zip file

Pre-Primer #3-zip file

Pre-Primer #4-zip file

Pre-Primer #5-zip file

Learning Words
Learning Chocolate





Comprehension refers to the ability to understand what one is reading—to relate a text to what one already knows while also constructing new knowledge and understanding.




Arthur Sequence

Monkey Business

Sequence of Events

Quia - many sequencing games

Fact and Opinion

Binky's Facts and Opinions

Quia - Fact or Opinion

Quia - Fact/Opinion#2

Fact or Opinion Quiz

Fact or Opinion Game

Fact and Opinion - ppt

Figurative Language



Eye on Idioms

Drag and Drop Metaphors

Fig. Language Review

Simile and Metaphor Brainpop

Figure of Speech Hangman

Simile Quiz

Fig. Lang. Quiz

Fig Lang - ppt

Comprehension Strategies

Here Questions

What's in the bag?

Online Stories


Starfall - It's Fun to Read

Starfall - I'm Reading

Children's Storybooks

Main Idea


What's the Big Idea?

Grade 3 Main Idea

Main Idea Video

Main Idea-ppt

Main Idea2-ppt



Drawing Conclusions


Grade 3 Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions-zip file

In Conclusion-ppt

Cause and Effect


Matching Activity

Matching Activity #2

Reference Skills

Quia - Reference skills

Reference Skills Practice

Dictionary Game

Bigbot Dictionary Game

Parts of a Book-ppt

Reference Materials-ppt

Reference Materials lesson


Author's Purpose


Grade 3- Author's Purpose

Reading Comprehension Video

BBC Skillwise Words

FCAT Reading Grade 4 Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose and Point of View Post Test

Author's Purpose Game

Author's Purpose

Purpose 1

Predicting Outcomes

Guess what comes next


Inference Battleship#1

Inference Battleship #2


What Can You Infer

What Can You Infer#2

Inferences about Character Traits




Compare and Contrast

ReadWriteThink: Comparison and Contrast Guide

Reading Skills Rocket



Fiction vs NonFiction - ppt




Story Elements

Setting, Plot and Theme

Understanding setting, plot and theme

Story Elements Quiz

Character Trading Cards

Point of View Practice

Parts of a Plot-ppt


Assessment Dibels Intervention Electrified